Sex: Male Born: 26 Mar. 2012
Type: Orange tabby shorthair. Origin: Born to stray mother (Maeve).
Features: Lively, inquisitive, friendly.
Name: Enemy of Maeve of Connacht, in Irish mythology.


Conchobar is one of Maeve's kittens; see her story for his origins. He was adopted out when he was two and a half months old, but a year and a half later the woman who adopted him contacted me. Her circumstances had changed, and she didn't feel she could care for him properly any longer, so she was wondering if I could help. I was delighted to offer him a home (my heart never really lets go of kittens whom I adopt out), so he returned to live with me in November of 2013.

His name with his previous owner had been "Ron Weasley", but that didn't fit in too well with my household, as I'm not a Harry Potter fan. So, I renamed him, choosing a name from The Cattle Raid of Cooley, which had also provided names for his mother and siblings. He became Conchobar, Conor for short.

Conchobar settled into the household amazingly quickly. I wouldn't have expected him to have any memory of the place, having left it so long before and when he was so young, but maybe there were smells that triggered some recollection. In any case, he felt at home very quickly. And when I introduced him to Fedlimid, his littermate, the two of them touched noses and then immediately started making happy little trilling and chirping sounds, and inviting each other to play. I think there really was some sort of recognition there; in any case, they've alternated between friendliness and squabbling ever since. Conchobar is on good terms with most of the rest of the household, with the exceptions of Valentine, who intimidates him, and his mother, Maeve. She is hostile, growls and slaps at him if he comes near, and he is afraid of her.

Conchobar enjoys playing with toys, romping around the house, and likes to sit on the side of the bathtub and methodically bite holes in the edge of the shower curtain. His favorite hobby is opening things -- drawers, cabinets, etc. -- and rummaging in the contents. While not a snuggly type, he is friendly and likes to be petted and have his head rubbed.


Conchobar Conchobar Conchobar Conchobar Conchobar

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