Sex: Female Born: 26 Mar. 2011
Type: Black shorthair. Origin: Barn cat.
Features: Lanky build, squeaky voice, affectionate, likes to cling.
Name: Zuben-el-Genubi is the name of a star. It means "the southern claw".


Genubiand her sister Schemali were born to a semi-feral cat at the barn where my horse was living. I took them in when they were about four months old, as they had contracted a digestive infection and needed treatment, and they ended up staying.

Genubi is slightly smaller than her sister, has yellower eyes, and isn't as dark. She is rambunctious and enjoys romping with Khamûl. She also loves to tear cardboard boxes into little, tiny bits.


Genubi Genubi Genubi Genubi Genubi

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